Our vision is to inspire and to spark curiosity and wonder.
To connect others to wild places, people and plants through stories, therapy, visual art, food and medicine.

As a child and through her teens, Courtney experienced an ongoing chronic illness, suffering from symptoms including severe pain and loss of vision at times, she missed much of elementary school and most of her secondary school education as a result. The forest that surrounded her on her parents' 100 acre property was her refuge and sanctuary. She spent her days when she was able wandering the woods. She would seek out the pine grove and lie for hours under their canopy which provided her with relief from her pain, clearing her mind and lifting her spirits, only learning later of the ability for pines to release chemicals that act as anti-inflammatories, analgesics and mood-boosters. Her road to recovery led to a deep passion for nature connection, body-work and psychotherapy that became reflected in her career. She works as a Registered Psychotherapist, body-focused therapist and ecotherapist throughout Ontario (see Art of Awareness Therapy).

Nadia grew up in the country surrounded by miles of farmland. Between the two families that lived on their property, Nadia was the eldest of seven children. They would spend their days running barefoot through the grass, building forts, climbing trees, hopping streams, eating weeds and only coming home after sunset. Nadia would lead her younger sisters and cousins in all sorts of games of the imagination - they would pretend to be adventurers, lost children, survivors of the apocalypse, guardians of the wild.

Today Nadia lives in Toronto and works as a film director/editor and photographer. While she loves the constant excitement of living in a major city and being surrounded by other artists, she can't help but often feel a longing for the country, for the overwhelming horizons, for the fragrance of damp forest air, and the peace that can only be found among quiet whispering trees.

Together we hope to inspire people through our stories and the stories of others who have found ways to connect to themselves, to others and to nature. Our hope is to awaken that feeling of wild magic that we first encountered in our youth, to foster a sense of curiosity and wonder, and to encourage others to explore the natural world - whether it be in the forest, the front yard, the living room, the body or the senses - nature can be found everywhere, not just the remote wilderness.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe" - John Muir